Low Mountain Veterans’ Organization (Formerly known as Low Mountain Veterans’ Association) are Veterans, Widow/Widower of Veterans or late Veterans’ parents. The LMVO meet once a month, usually the first Tuesday of each month. Conversing and planning out actions for the Organization, the meetings are led by the LMVO officers. 

Upcoming Scheduled LMVO Meeting

December 11, 2022


@ 11:00 AM

@ Low Mountain Chapter

OR Call 978-990-5000 Pin 311678#


Low Mountain Veterans’ Organization Officers

–D’Leh Dziahileva-Roslyakova, Commander

–Elroy Gonnie, Vice Commander

–Calvin Chee, Recording Secretary


LMVO Plan of Operation – FY’ 2022-2024

Navajo Nation Veterans Administration – Chinle Agency      FY’ 2020 Veterans Registration Form

FORM 103- Financial Request Form

W-9 From

NNVA Policies

Burial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

Home Improvement Program Policy 

Housing Program Policy